Starting Your First Steroid Cycle

Anabolic steroids in bodybuilding and performance-enhancing is not a new trend. According to history, they created it in the 1930s to treat men suffering from testosterone deficiency. World War II happened. People used steroids to aid malnourished soldiers and it was also found that steroids have the capability of enhancing a soldier’s performance. Steroids became widely known among athletes in the 1950s. They discovered that steroids help build muscle and enhance their performance as athletes. Steroids have been used on purpose. During that time, steroids were limited to athletes and bodybuilders. Over time, the news about steroids spread like a wildfire. Young and aspiring athletes started using these drugs hoping to be professionals in the future. 

There are many steroids for sale US domestic online and comes with these online distributors, there are about 1 million Americans admitted to using steroids. The majority of these users are high school users hoping they’s be professional athletes someday.  


Steroids are generally safe to use. But if you use them the wrong way, things can go sideways pretty fast. Beginners should watch their steroids intake and should start with a proper cycle. You have to be very careful. Understand that using a synthetic hormone means messing with your body’s natural growth mechanisms. And you need to put on extra care for yourself. Before you start on a cycle, you have to ask these questions to yourself: 

  • Why do I need to take steroids? 
  • Am I medically fit or qualified to take this? 
  • Do I have any medical conditions that could cause complications in my health? 
  • What are the goals am I aiming for taking steroids? 

After assessing yourself, then you should know pretty well why you’d need to take and start a cycle and you can freely decide which anabolic steroids out of 500 varieties you should take. Once you’ve finalized your goals and realized which variety you’ll be needing to start your first cycle, make sure you’ll buy steroids from a reliable distributor where steroids for sale are authentic. 

Best Steroids for Sale for Beginners 

Just like any other drugs, steroids, or anabolic steroids to be specific, cause adverse effects or reactions. It would depend on different factors. The user’s age, gender, genetics, and other environmental factors. It will also depend on the variety of steroids you’re about to take. Before you start taking one, you need to be equipped with brief information on the steroids before planning your cycles out. 

Some of the recommended steroids for beginners are Dianabol, Nandrolone, and Testosterone Enanthate. You have to know each of their dosage, form, administration, the benefits, side-effects, and adverse reactions. 

First Cycles for Beginners

What is the cycle? When you start using steroids, you have to understand that steroids shouldn’t be used permanently or for regular periods of time. If you’re not careful with the dosage, huge amounts of hormones inside your body can kill you. This is the reason why bodybuilders and athletes use steroids in cycles. It is to gradually wear off the effects of steroids, completely flushing out the steroids from their system or body. Steroids cycles usually follow a 4-8 week periods and it shall resume once the effects of steroids to the user normalized. Doctors recommended cycles for beginners depending on the variety of steroids. For instance, a Dianabol cycle lasts for 8 weeks, only taking 30 mg daily in the first 5 weeks, then the user should stop taking it for the next 3 weeks; undergoing post-cycle therapy is recommended during these 3 weeks. 

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