The Best Anabolic Steroids for Sale -Mass Gain and Safe Alternatives

The Best Anabolic Steroids for Sale -Mass Gain and Safe Alternatives

These testosterones are male hormones that have anabolic steroids for sale and androgenic effects. The anabolic steroids for sale effect includes maintaining bone density, the growth of muscle, and the rapid recovery from injury. Legal steroids for sale, also known as multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements (MIPS), are over-the-counter (OTC) supplements. They’re meant to help with bodybuilding and improve workout performance and stamina.

But do they work? And are they safe? Yes, and no. Some are perfectly effective and safe. But others can have deadly consequences. Let’s look at how to recognize a legal steroid from an illegal one, what precautions to take if you plan to use legal steroids for sale, and what other proven methods you can use to build muscle and strength.

The testosterone occurs naturally in women as well, but in much smaller amounts. There are some medical uses for anabolic steroids. However, men and women users who take anabolic steroids illegally to increase lean muscle mass. The misuse of anabolic steroids is most common among professional athletes and bodybuilders. Teenagers and adults who wants to feel good about themselves may also abuse anabolic steroids.

If you want to take the quickest route to gain mass and building strength, then anabolic steroids are the option you should consider. However, with the plethora of bodybuilding drugs available on the market, how do you figure out which are the best anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass? People who are using anabolic steroids generally experience an increase in muscle strength very quickly. This generally means that people can train more often and for longer periods, with improved recovery. 

How Anabolic Steroids for sale work?

Here is what most of us know about injectable steroids for sale: they make muscles grow faster, there are harmful side effects to our health, most sports leagues have banned them, and they are illegal without a prescription.

But how do they build lean muscle mass? Does an athlete use steroids pills for sale and then wait for the Popeye-spinach effect? Anabolic steroids have a similar composition to testosterone and therefore can activate testosterone receptors. When the receptors are used, a domino effect of metabolic reactions takes place as the drug instructs the body to increase muscle tissue production.

Steroids pills for sale are the synthetic derivatives of the naturally produced hormone testosterone. It promotes the growth of muscle and the typical male characteristics of puberty.

When legally used, they are an option for patients who produce abnormally low levels of testosterone. The goal of some athletes is to speed up the body’s natural muscle-building process. The body’s natural process repairs the tear and then overcompensates by adding bigger cells to build a stronger fiber. These repeated processes of teardown and re-build will result in muscle growth.

The natural testosterone is the body’s main ingredient for this process. But these steroids pills for sale can serve as a supplement. When used, an AAS travels through the blood stream to the muscle tissue. It will draw into the muscle cell’s receiving dock, called an androgen receptor. Once delivered to the muscle cell, the steroid can interact with the cell’s DNA and stimulate the protein synthesis process that promotes cell growth.

Different variants and amounts of AAS can cause different reactions producing either massive body-building physiques or more toned athletic muscles. Athletes experiment with different combinations (called stacking) or regimens (pyramiding) in an attempt to fine-tune the final result.

How Anabolic Steroids for Sale Increase Muscle Growth?

Steroids pills for sale are compounds that share a common chemical structure. Anabolic steroids are just one of the many types of steroids that play a role in how our body functions and performs. When you consume anabolic steroids, your body breaks it down into molecules. Then passed on into the cells. The molecules of the anabolic steroids chemically bind with androgen receptors. These are structures whose actual purpose is to bind with the testosterone that’s naturally produced by the body.

The synthetic legal steroids for sale essentially trick your body into thinking that they’re testosterone. Once the steroid molecules are in place, they activate the androgen receptors. Depending upon the type of cells the steroids have reacted with, this activation can bring about a change in the behavior of certain genes – particularly the ones that are responsible for the changes that occur during puberty.

Anabolic steroids impact the normal metabolism of the body in two main ways, the combination of which leads to greater muscle mass. The activation of the androgen receptors leads to some cells increasing the amount of proteins they produce, which the body uses to create more cells.  During anabolism, the cells of your skeletal muscles (the strong muscles that are attached to the bone), begin to grow and replicate, which results in the quick build-up of mass and strength.

However, not all androgen receptors cause this reaction when they’re activated. These hormones accelerate the breaking down of complex molecules, such as proteins, into more compact units, such as energy-providing amino acids. Now you know how legal steroids for sale enhance muscle growth and athletic performance.

The 5 Best Legal Steroids for Sale for Mass Gain

Now that we’re done on how anabolic steroids increase muscle growth, it’s time to look at the 5 best mass building steroids. Here’s a complete roundup of all the benefits and side-effects of each one of them.

  1. Dianabol

If you’re looking for quick results; this is perhaps the most effective option. An orally administered steroid, Dianabol is one of the absolute best in terms of muscle mass and raw strength gains. The best thing about Dianabol is that it doesn’t make you wait. The gains you make will be rapid.

The Benefits

By promoting glycogenolysis, Dianabol significantly improves the efficacy of your carb intake. Your input of raw energy becomes concentrated, which results in increased power. Furthermore, Dianabol increases the nitrogen retention in your muscles, which is essential for making those rapid size and strength gains. This anabolic steroid also promotes protein synthesis, which improves the body’s ability to create and preserve mass.

The Side-Effects

As it’s an oral steroid, Dianabol is damaging to the liver. Another significant drawback is that it can cause severe hypertension, resulting in the blood pressure reaching alarming heights.

Want to know more about the side effects of Dianabol? Have a look at our Dianabol side effects post!


In general, the dosage of Dianabol cycle consists of 30-50 mg per day, and a single cycle typically lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. For individuals who’re starting their first Dianabol cycle, a dosage of 30 to 40 mg per day is an effective one. It helps them to make great gains in strength and muscle mass while restricting the risk of potential side-effects.

Users who have more experience with the drug can opt for a slightly higher dosage. However, it should be remembered that there comes a point in the dosage levels where the side-effects start to heighten and the muscle gains plateau off. Most users rarely go past the 70-80 mg per day mark.

  1. Anadrol

When it comes to gains and raw strength, no other steroids can compete with Anadrol. Having an anabolic rating of being 3 times as powerful as testosterone, Anadrol is comfortably the most potent oral steroid there is. If bulking is your main bodybuilding motive, this is the steroid to go for.

The Benefits

Anadrol increases the secretion of the hormone that creates red blood cells, which translates to a higher multiplication rate than other steroids. As a result, it turns up your power and stamina up to eleven. It also increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention rates. That is why it’s widely used by experts as one of the most powerful muscle building steroids.

The Side Effects

The primary drawback of Anadrol is the liver damage it causes, which is why it’s recommended to keep dosage cycles short. It also has high amounts of estrogen, which means that users can expect significant water retention and gynecomastia (man breasts).

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The 6-week cycle with a dosage of 50 mg per day is sufficient to see significant mass and strength gains. A cycle of Anadrol typically results in mass gains between 1 to 2 stones; however, a substantial portion of the weight gain will be water. The advanced bodybuilder may opt for an increased dosage of around 100 mg per day. But, a high dosage is not advisable because of the drug’s high hepatotoxicity.

  1. Trenbolone

Trenbolone is an effective steroid for both bulking and cutting. Although there are three variations of Trenbolone, in terms of strength, they’re all the same. Then potency of Trenbolone is five times greater than testosterone.

 The Benefits

Trenbolone amplifies the secretion of IGF-1, a highly anabolic hormone which plays a major role in the preservation and recovery of muscles. This anabolic steroid also speeds up metabolism, which leads to rapid reductions in body fat (great for cutting). Another positive with Trenbolone is that it causes zero water retention. It dries you out, making for lean gains.

The Drawbacks

Trenbolone does come with some severe side-effects. These androgenic drawbacks that are common with anabolic. The extra side-effects of Trenbolone include aggression, night sweats and insomnia. Want to know more about the side effects of Trenbolone? Have a look at our Trenbolone side effects post!


While Trenbolone can be purchased in the form of capsules and pills, its most commonly administered through injections. Because of its high potency and strong side-effects, Trenbolone is highly unsuitable for beginners. A good cycle for you would be 8 weeks long and would consist of a 50 mg daily dosage.

  1. Nandrolone

Another ultra-effective mass building steroid, Nandrolone has been popular in the bodybuilding community for a while now. In addition to bulking, Nandrolone is also a highly effective steroid for building up strength. Nandrolone is also known as Deca Durabolin.

The Benefits

Nandrolone significantly improves collagen synthesis and enhances the density of bone minerals, making your joints stronger and more durable. This extra durability allows you to lift heavier weights, while improving recovery times and reducing the risk of injuries.

 Nandrolone also offers superb nitrogen retention, which is essential for keeping the muscles in an anabolic state.

The Side Effects

Compared to the other steroids on this list, the side-effects of Nandrolone are quite mild. Erectile dysfunction is perhaps the most serious one there is. However, Nandrolone usage has also been associated with suppressed natural testosterone production.

Want to know more about the side effects of Nandrolone? Have a look at our Deca Durabolin side effects post!


Because of the high water retention it induces, Nandrolone isn’t typically used by bodybuilders during the cutting phase. Commonly, it’s used in combination with other steroids pills for sale during the bulking phase. However, Nandrolone-only cycles, although rare, are not unheard of. Typically, a Nandrolone-only cycle is 8 weeks long, and consists of a 400 mg weekly dose.

  1. Testosterone

If you really can’t make up your mind regarding which steroids pills for sale to go for, testosterone is always a good bet. It’s the one steroid that should be included as a part of any stacks. Testosterone is highly anabolic, which makes it superb for building strength and bulking phases. Moreover, its versatility also allows to have a great component in cutting stacks.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of testosterone is that it blocks the secretion of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This prevents the build-up of fat inside the body. It also augments the production of red blood cells, which improves your endurance levels significantly. Furthermore, testosterone elevates protein synthesis rates, which reduces recovery times and prevents catabolism.

The drawbacks

Higher testosterone levels in the body can lead to a hairy situation, and we mean that in the literal sense. This testosterone can cause hair growth in unusual places. Furthermore, synthetic testosterone can cause testicular atrophy and gynecomastia.


Most experts regard testosterone cycles as the perfect option for individuals who are starting their first ever cycle of anabolic steroids. Using testosterone orally is pretty harsh on the liver which is why most users consume it through injections. The best steroid cycle for size is typically 10 to 12 weeks long, and consists of a weekly dosage of 500 mg.


Legal Steroids for Sale and Safer Alternatives

While you can’t deny the exceptional mass and strength building potential of anabolic steroids for sale, it has to be said that they aren’t for everyone. Their wide array of adverse side-effects makes them a turnoff for the majority of bodybuilders. However, these anabolic steroids aren’t the only way to make mass and strength gains.

There are natural and safer alternative steroids that you can use to achieve the same muscle growth, without the side-effects. Natural supplements can help you improve your bodybuilding outcomes and will not expose you to the risks that anabolic steroids for sale do. Their supplements act as substitutes for steroids for sale like Anavar, Winstrol and Nandralone.

Alternative ways to build muscle mass and strength

Here are some of the alternatives and healthy ways to build muscle that don’t require any harmful steroid for sale or supplement use: 


  • Come up with a good weight-training routine


Learn about the different muscle groups in your body. Change between training of your chest, arms, abs, and legs. Improve your repetitions and techniques over time as you become more comfortable. 

A consistent and challenging routine will show you much better results than taking steroids and overworking your muscles.


  • Follow a healthy, muscle-friendly diet


Fill your diet with foods that help build lean muscle. Many of these foods are low in unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates. Instead, they’re high in: 

  • protein
  • fiber
  • omega-3s
  • amino acids
  • healthy fats 

Your diet can include foods like: 

  • eggs
  • lean fish like tuna and salmon
  • Greek yogurt
  • quinoa
  • chickpeas
  • peanuts
  • tofu


  • Work with a personal trainer


It’s OK if you feel overwhelmed by how much time and thought you need to put into bulking up or if you’re not seeing the results you want. Working with a personal trainer may help.

Consider hiring a certified personal trainer (CPT). Read their reviews to ensure they have proven success and a reasonable rate for your budget, so you can stick with it even when you feel like giving up.

There are even virtual trainers who can coach you remotely through your phone, laptop, or TV.


  • Use a fitness app to create a routine and track progress


Planning and recording your workouts and personal fitness goals with an app can be a quick, easy way to make sure you’re staying on track. 

Over time, having detailed records of your progress can give you a more tangible sense of how far you’ve come and how close you are to achieving your goals. 

Damage caused by long-term anabolic steroid use

Anabolic steroids for sale can produce many unpleasant and often permanent side effects, including:

  • damage to the gonads (testicles or ovaries) 
  • liver diseases
  • malfunctions of the kidneys, liver or heart
  • ‘roid rage’, which is characterised by uncontrollable outbursts of psychotic aggression
  • paranoia
  • mood swings, including deep depression
  • severe acne
  • high blood cholesterol levels
  • high blood pressure
  • injuries to tendons that can’t keep up with the increased muscle strength
  • delusional feelings of being superhuman or invincible
  • fluid retention
  • trembling and muscle tremors
  • stunted bone growth in adolescents.


In conclusion, even though steroids pills for sale are great to get you the body you’ve always wanted, there are too many risks involved. If you’re looking for legal steroids pills for sale for mass gains, you should consider legal alternatives. If you insist on using these steroids pills for sale, then please use the recommended doses as specified above. Always remember that the use of injectable steroids for sale is medically dangerous and is strictly controlled. Why go through the hassle when you can just as effectively get the job done without these injectable steroids for sale, through the use of natural supplements.

Although injectable steroids for sale can help with short-term gains, using them can have long-term health implications. These injectable steroids for sale have already ruined many lives and any good they offer is far superseded by the bad. The idea that a few well-chosen plant extracts and other natural compounds may be able to match steroids on power may seem far-fetched but supplement science has become incredibly advanced.

Many athletes have already made the switch to these safer alternatives. The phenomenal physiques they have built are a testament to how well these injectable steroids for sale alternatives work. They increase muscle mass and build muscle mass. There is no need to take risk in using illegal steroids. Muscle building products should make you feel and look good. You have to use the strongest natural muscle building products currently on the market. Injectable steroids for sale can help you with this. They are receiving excellent reviews and be effective in as little as 30 days. Using older options such as Sustanon and Clenbuterol are just not worth the risk anymore.

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