The Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids to Human

The Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids to Human

There are many types of anabolic steroids for sale in the legit websites. It’s purpose either medical, building muscle, strength, and endurance, and cutting steroids for sale for burning fat. An example of these is Anadrol.


Anadrol is a synthetic treatment intended for male hormone (androgen or anabolic steroids for sale) to apply a certain low red blood cell count or anemia. It helps to develop the amount of hormone (erythropoietin) in the development of red blood cells. The amount of dose of this drug depends on the medical condition and response to therapy of the users.

There are indicated misuse and abuse of these anabolic steroids for sale. It can result in many side effects like heart disease, stroke, liver disease, mental/mood issues, abnormal drug-seeking behavior, or improper bone growth of teenagers. Be conscious of the increase of dosage or the frequency of usage for more than it prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, you will experience withdrawal symptoms like depression, irritability, or tiredness if you stop abruptly. And these symptoms will last weeks to months in the course of usability.


Another recommended for the hormone-related issue is testosterone. It isn’t only the fuel to man’s sex drive and performance. But to those who have low testosterone may decrease the ability in satisfying sex. If a lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction consider sexual problems resulting from low testosterone. Thus it needs medical attention to treat this.

Experts do not expose yet the mystery of how testosterone added the libido. Since the usual man’s sex drive decreases from its peak during his teen’s life and 20s, knowing that libido of men is quite different among each other. Some consider low sex drive while others are not. Besides, sex dive changes over a period of time and affected by some factors. Stress, sleep, and sex opportunities to mention. When a man has a lack of sex drive they consider it a health issue.

There was a study conducted in Massachusetts for men. The result was 11% overall considered a lack of sex drive. The experts tested the testosterone levels of men. Then about 28% of men who have low testosterone consist of low libido. Most of the men were young actually with an average of 47 years old. Of course, older men have worst-case sexual symptoms.

Low testosterone is one of the reasons for low libido. Such as stress, sleep deprivation, depression, and chronic medical diseases that can sap the sex drive of men. Shockingly, low testosterone resulted in erectile dysfunction or ED. If you have low testosterone solely and no other health issues, only small accounts for a minority of men have erectile dysfunction.


Side Effects

Erection issues are caused by the hardening of arteries which called atherosclerosis. If broken the tiny blood vessels supporting the penis can no longer stretch to get the strong flow needed for a strong erection. The possible main causes of this erectile dysfunction and atherosclerosis are diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and high cholesterol.


Steroids pills for sale are types of product which consist of anti-inflammatory effects. They minimize redness, swelling, and soreness. They have form variations such as pill as inhalers or nasal sprays and as creams or ointments for an easy to use. It uses as a treatment to the inflammation and pain of those who have arthritis and lupus. While the inhalers and nasal sprays used to cure asthma and allergies of the human. Cream or ointments applies to cure skin issues such as eczema and any contact dermatitis of the person.


There are other causes of healing and recovery and the development of metabolism. For both medical and illegal usage, AAS following the process in the mouth, pellets implanted under the skin, injection, and apply to the skin as cream, gel, or ointment.Anabolic Steroids for sale taken orally are Methandienone (Dianabol) or Dbol”, Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin), or  Halo”, Mesterolone (Proviron), MethyltestosteroneOxandrolone (Anavar). In terms of injectable, it has EquipoisePrimobolan, and Deca Durabolin.

Anabolic Steroids for sale works along with the bloodstream down to the tissue of the muscle. It collaborated with an androgen receptor. It reacts consequently to the DNA’s cells and control the protein synthesis system and increase the growth of the cell.

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids for sale

Usually, there are many serious levels of side effects of steroids. And some proved the cause of the death of a user. While others are tolerable but still there are dangers for long term effects. All this case possible to happen if legal steroids for sale used as abuse. It leads to hormonal imbalance and causes many changes. But of course, it can be treated if abusive usage will stop as soon as possible. The following are the indicated side effects of legal steroids for sale.

Danger to the liver

The liver is one of the most essential part in a human body. It has many purposes such as homeostasis, detoxification, and enzyme synthesis. On the other hand, these legal steroids for sale lead to broke their purposes. It can cause severe anemia, benign and malign tumors, hepatic carcinoma, and slight changes in enzyme works. Most of all longer usage of it in a long time can cause liver failure in the future.

Harmful to the reproductive system

All those people who use legal steroids for sale for a longer time also end with a negative result. For men, it can cause the shrinking of testicles and deteriorate the sperm count and abnormalities types of sperm cells. Anabolic steroids for sale can make hypertrophy and the size of breasts allow the changes of the texture of the skin. Moreover, female develops her muscles while the male has the feminine feature over time.

 Cardiovascular concerns

The heart is the core of the cardiovascular system in the human body. Anabolic steroids pills for sale target the heart if it takes longer. As the legal steroids for sale work in muscle growth, at the same time, it gives more pressure to the heart. It ends up increasing the organ size. There’s also a situation that leads to adding bad cholesterol and distress the blood pressure. All these side effects can cause heart attack high risk and heart disorder.

Known Side Effects

The following are an example of known side effects of AS. Acne (oily for hair and skin), hair loss, tumor in the liver, failure in the kidney, prone to heart attack and stroke, changes of cholesterol and blood lipids, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, azoospermia, infertility, deepening voice of women, prone of viral or bacterial infections due to unsterile injections, pain in urinating, fluid retention, increased red cell count, lower level of good cholesterol and a higher level of bad cholesterol and hair loss.

Users of anabolic steroids pills for sale must have regular follow-up appointments and take some periodic blood tests to control the unexpected side effects. For non-medical takers, it can be incorporated with other substances from 10 to 100 times the quantity for medical intentions. For those users who take for a longer time and suddenly stop experienced withdrawal symptoms. During the course of withdrawal, the most known side effects are fatigue, restlessness, mood swings, insomnia, lack of sex drive, cravings, and even depression. In other words, it could lead to a psychological disorder. Some of these behavior changes are aggressiveness, anger, sleep disorder, sexual desire, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations. Although all these are external, it still deadly to the person.

The primary step of stopping anabolic steroid abuse is to stop taking. Seek medical help to participate in any psychiatric or physical symptoms that may occur. There’s also a facility equipped to help in coping up.

How to Determine the Addiction to Steroids

There are many legal steroids for sale takers that overlook the addiction to it. Where in fact, it has the same addictive potential as other drugs like codeine and ketamine. And takers who are already addicted portray certain behaviors which cause them to prioritize their drug over anything else.

Certain behaviors that connected to steroid addiction are highlighting steroids use over any potential health risks, seriously craving steroids, having relations issues with family and friends because of steroids used, and doing everything just to get legal steroids for sale.

Anabolic Steroids Addiction

Anabolic steroids consider as prescribed by a medical practitioner or illegally got by the person who wants to develop stronger and muscle mass over a short time. It includes also developing confidence and self-esteem of an individual. Actually, there are over 100 kinds of anabolic steroids but only a fraction of it approved for medical purposes.

Unlike with other drugs, steroids basically don’t chemically produce euphoria or somewhat “high” like typical substances. But those who constantly use these drugs are prone to increasing the level of addiction. The ultimate desire of an individual to attain the goal of good appearance is the greatest motivation to take more and more. So any medication used with the absence of prescription or beyond its medical range, intended purpose, at a higher dosage, and increase frequencies than prescribed are all considered abuse or addiction.

Addictive anabolic steroids pills for sale portray two basic factors. The first one is the behavior of users with substance disorder and its desires to find out and get anabolic steroids. And the second is the external outlook of withdrawal symptoms because of cuts back or stop using steroids completely the steroids. The obsessive-compulsive behavior of takers starts when the steroids develop a transparent physical outlook and strength over a short period of time. And this case ends up in steroid addiction.

The User and the Addiction

Persons who have experienced substance abuse are also at higher risk of abusing anabolic steroids. The same case is also true for individuals who have body dysmorphia. As they find themselves to be motivated to not stop the usage of anabolic steroids even after they achieved their ultimate goal of body appearance.

Some people develop their tolerance to the drugs and experience withdrawal symptoms. The following are other signals of addiction. Spending lots of money just to get and use steroids, uncooperative of home chores, continuing using steroids even suffering side effects, issues with the family and friends, and severe depression which may result in withdrawal.

What Happens When You Get Addicted

Individuals who use steroids for a longer time disturb the natural hormonal balances of their bodies. When they already addicted to steroids and stop abruptly, they are prone to depression and could think of suicidal attempts because of hormonal imbalance. If ever thinking of stopping the use of steroids, it highly recommended seeking treatment for steroid addiction programs. Medical practitioners will give prescriptions to regain a healthy hormonal balance and minimize the symptoms of depression.

Moreover, anabolic steroids trigger the components of DNA in the cells of muscles. It develops the production of proteins that works in building muscle tissues and fibers. It ends up increasing muscle growth and body mass over a short time. These qualities also develop bone minerals and impact the function of the immune, reproductive, central nervous, and other systems and organs of the body.

Furthermore, anabolic steroids come in the form of pills, injectable liquids, and typical gel or creams. In fact, it has street names like juice, stackers, hype androids. Some of the known brands of steroids are Anadrol-50, Oxandrin, WinstrolAnavar, and Dianabol. Other steroids also are known to use for veterinary steroids like Equipoise because these products are normally affordable, accessible and yield the same results.

How to get away from addiction

Individuals who use anabolic steroids might experience physical and psychological dependence on drugs. It shows that the users are drug-seeking behavior despite the side effects and physical withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, restlessness, loss of appetite, insomnia, and steroid cravings. Depressive issues could last up to one year right after the stopping of using steroids.

This is the time of needing backup treatments and medication intervention for serious addictions of steroids. In the course of treatment for anabolic steroid withdrawal, it permits the hormone to restore. One certain medication to particular withdrawal symptoms is the antidepressants. It advised treating only the depressive part and analgesics. Analgesics are similar to acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It used for pain reliever of headaches and muscle joint pains. But to behavioral concerns, they have to undergo therapies program.

Intervention and Next Steps

Many users of steroids are hesitant to apply treatment for their concern issues. There should be a thorough discussion of staging an intervention so that it will be clarified. Indeed it is recommended to hire a professional interventionist since violent behavior is expected to the steroid users. Professionals control the process of intervention and orient the loved ones for the possible issues that may occur in the long run.

If ever no professional hired, plan ahead before the intervention process. Family and friends must help each other to research where to send the user for the treatment programs. In their plan, exit strategy or techniques must consider also if the user refuses the treatment process.

Withdrawal and Treatment

Not only addicts of steroids suffer the withdrawal symptoms but even those who are not. The duration of taking steroids normally cover-up from six to twelve weeks cycle, the body already adopted and dependent on the drug. It includes physically and emotionally dependent. There is an occurrence of hormonal imbalance leading to quitting “cold turkey” which is harmful to the users. Headaches and muscle cramps are one of the known physical withdrawal symptoms. But the harmful part is psychological withdrawal.

The initial step of curing steroid addiction is to monitor users during withdrawal time. Doctors may give a prescription for medication to help the potential depression and keeps the balance of the hormones of the users. But those who have serious depression during withdrawal must need inpatient rehab or hospitalization. During the therapy, it can assist the recovering steroid addicts to overcome their uncontrollable desire to take. Therapy can be applied also to any underlying issues that could help to steroid use. If possible contact a dedicated treatment provider to engage other treatment options for the addition of steroids.

Harmful Drug Combinations

Anabolic steroids for sale can minimize the desirable effects of particular drugs. The reduced high caused by steroids may result in users to use higher dosage than normal as it is. This will be prone to the overdose of the users.

Drugs which primarily commonly abused are cocaine, ecstasy, Adderall, marijuana, and alcohol. Steroid users who use other drugs may consider as stimulants like cocaine and Adderall. It serves as energy-boosting and a lack of appetite. What others don’t know are mixing stimulants and steroids develops aggression and gives pressure to the heart. Furthermore, the addicting of alcohol while using steroids may cause also of excessive aggression. The worst-case scenario is using these substances together leads to a great impact on long-term behavior and worsens the addiction. And these people who abuse steroids and alcohol portray violent crimes to their family and friends or even in the public.

Others turn too addicted to alcohol or any other drugs because of an attempt to medicate the unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids such as insomnia and aggression. There’s a study of men experts that with heroin addiction discover that nine percent use the drug because of taking injectable steroids for sale.

Steroid Withdrawal

The withdrawal symptoms of steroids are the end factors of low levels of natural testosterone in the body of the users. These symptoms last only until the body regains the normal production of testosterone injectable steroids for sale.

Sometimes it indicates physical effects of withdrawal which are barely harmful. But still many takers undergo major depressive episodes and might have suicidal attempts as well.

But those who are stopping off with steroids abruptly must observe accordingly especially with the suicidal behavior. To those people who magnify depression ahead must checking in to inpatient rehab for treatment. There, the doctors can monitor and prescribe the medications to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Accordingly, anabolic steroids have an effect to develop energy, libido, concentration, and a sense of confidence. On the other hand, the withdrawal symptoms are basically contradicting the effects of the drug.

The common withdrawal symptoms that my experience of the users are depression, headaches, anxiety, trouble concentration, insomnia, no appetite, lack of sex drive, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pains, nausea, vomiting, weakness, lower blood pressure, abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, and cravings of a drug despite the side effects.

The symptoms above of withdrawal are quite irritating and discomforting. It has little risk of serious injury or death from stopping the steroids taking. Stopping it may avoid major side effects that may occur in the future.

Withdrawal Duration

The period of withdrawal symptoms is different from each other. It differs from user to user. Actually, there are many aspects that influence the duration and seriousness of withdrawal symptoms like the following:

  • how long a user takes steroids
  • average regular dosage of steroids
  • frequency of using steroids
  • mixing other substances like alcohol or other drugs
  • user’s mental capacity and medical history
  • administration of steroids

One factor that gives the impact on the duration of the withdrawal cycle is the kinds of steroids taking. Because not all steroids have the same content and dosage. Some stay in the user’s system longer and some are not. But usually, steroids stay longer in the body who take longer also to leave.

The duration in which a steroid stays in the user’s body is called drugs half-life. The longer the duration is to withdraw with longer half-lives. These half-lives are usually abused such as the following:

Equipoise (veterinary steroid) – 14 days

Deca-Durabolin – 14 days

Durabolin – 4.5 days

Winstrol – 24 hours

Anavar – 9 hours

Anadrol – 5 – 9 hours

Dianabol – 4.5 – 6 hours

How to reduce the side effects of injectable steroids for sale

Be conscious that the bad effects of injectable steroids for sale depend on the dosage and the duration of taking. If the dosage is low it is also given the low risk of taking it since you control and are cautious of the side effects. You have to fully understand the side effects which you may experience in the future. You have to prepare yourself and your body for the possible risk before taking it. However, there are many users who just suffer minor side effects or even no bad effects. Steroids pills for sale can be extremely effective and life-saving as well.

Road to Safety

Injectable Steroids for sale created at first for medication. It is an actually efficient and lifesaving product. Although there are many side effects, safety precautions must be required. It is recommended to take injectable steroids for sale in just a short time as prescribed by the doctor. Your body manages to adapt it gradually and show changes in the outer appearance. Whether you take it through pills, sprays, or creams, the body’s stop producing injectable steroids for sale. So the number of steroids pills for sale must reduce in a short time. Your doctor will set an appointment for you to follow strictly the taking of steroids. It is very necessary to be guided with extra care.

Do not do it by just yourself. Wait for the approval of the doctor. After stopping the usage, your body responds slowly in producing over steroids pills for sale that your body requires. Then the doctor will recommend you undergo a blood test to validate how your body adapted it. If required, they will continue or start the treatment process.

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