Tips for Post-Cycle in Steroids

Maybe you’d thought steroids is a long-term use. You could have thought that it’s like a vitamin or food supplement that that needs to be taken regularly to improve your health. Steroids, or anabolic steroids for sale to be more specific, is a synthetic form of male primary hormone like testosterone. The reason it is created is to treat testosterone deficiency in men. And as time goes by, it was then discovered that anabolic steroids can enhance performance, hence it became popular with athletes and bodybuilders. These steroids for sale are safe to use, but if you don’t have enough knowledge and you used steroids in the wrong way, then things can get worse. Steroids for sale US Domestic are all over the internet, some of these distributors also offer and sell medicine for your PCT

Watch over your steroids intake and make sure you’re following the recommended cycle. You have to know that a synthetic hormone has the ability to mess with your body’s natural growth mechanisms. In this regard, you should be extra careful. There are about hundreds of varieties of anabolic steroids. Each variety has its function, medical contribution, and each of them has different side effects and adverse reactions. Other factors that influence the side effects are age, gender, and medical condition of the user. Adverse reactions and side effects are some of the reasons why following the recommended cycle and post-cycle routines are important. 

What is Post-cycle Therapy? 

Post-cycle Therapy of PCT is one of the most complicated topics and controversial issues that steroids users are dealing with. It is a period of drug treatment after finishing a cycle, or even after prolonged steroid use. What’s very unfortunate is that not all users are aware of PCT, not every user knows the danger that steroids can bring them when they use it for a long time. Safety of taking steroids lies when you started taking it, so make sure you buy steroids only to the trusted and reliable sellers and distributors.

The main purpose of the PCT is to help your body recover from a cycle, getting steroids for sale and its side effects out of your system, restoration of the natural hormone, preservation of feminization, prevention of testicular atrophy, and prevention & reduction of other side effects. 

PCT plans 

A PCT plan is part of your steroid cycle. If you’re following an 8-week cycle, take your roid daily for 5 weeks, then no steroids  within 3 weeks. This is where the post-cycle therapy comes in. You’ll usually have 3 weeks PCT plan if you’re on an 8-week cycle. It could be longer if the side effects haven’t worn out yet and the steroid compound hasn’t gone out of your body. 

Usually, you can start a proper PCT plan 3 to 4 days after your last steroid shot. But if you have been using long esters such a Nandrolone, it’s better to wait for 21 days. You cannot just start a proper PCT anytime you want or as soon as you’re done with the steroid cycle. 

Some drugs will aid your post-cycle therapy. These are Tamoxifen and Clomiphene. Both of them belong to a group of drugs called Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators or SERMs. 

For a maximum recovery and optimal health, if you’re into a 10-week cycle and your PCT treatment was 4 weeks, you will have to rest and wait for your next cycle. 

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